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2018Evaluating the barriers to the presence of operation and maintenance contractors in the pre-occupancy stages of infrastructure projects: a case study of road infrastructure projectsKordestani Ghalenoee, Nazanin; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; Athari Nikooravan, Hamidreza; Preece, Christopher
2019Integrated Project Delivery Implementation Challenges in the Construction IndustryKahvandi, Zahra; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; ZareRavasan, Ahad; Preece, Christopher
2016ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH TRENDS ON BENEFITS OF IMPLEMENTING INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY (IPD)Kahvandi, Zahra; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; Alinezhad, Mahdi; Preece, Christopher
2020A Systematic Review of Prerequisites for Constructability Implementation in Infrastructure ProjectsSamimpey, Rozita; Saghatforoush, Ehsan
2020Analysis of the Benefits of Implementation of IPD for Construction Project StakeholdersAlinezhad, Mahdi; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; Kahvandi, Zahra; Preece, Christopher
2017Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Research TrendsKahvandi, Zahra; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; Alinezhad, Mahdi; Noghli, Farimah
2018An FCM-Based Dynamic Modelling of Integrated Project Delivery Implementation Challenges in Construction ProjectsKahvandi, Zahra; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; Zare Ravasan, Ahad; Mansouri, Taha
2017Evaluating the need to use Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach as a new alternative implementation system in developing countriesNoghli, Farimah; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; Forghani, Zahra
2019A practical framework to facilitate constructability implementation using the integrated project delivery approach: a case studyJadidolEslami, Samereh; Saghatforoush, Ehsan; Heravi, Amirhossein; Preece, Christopher